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Bhanté meeting HH the Dalai Lama on Capitol Hill

Among the more memorable moments was when the 14th Dalai Lama was invited to Capitol Hill for the first time to speak about the plight of the Tibetans. Charlie Rose, a congressman from the Carolinas, and Milton Friedman, his chief of staff, provided the formal invitation. When we arrived on Capitol Hill for the event, as...
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Bhanté recovers from a stroke at Alan Stein’s home in Potomac, Maryland

When Bhanté was 102, he had a middle cerebral artery stroke… a common type of brain vessel rupture in the brain. Alan Stein, his wife and their son Alex, lived in Potomac, Maryland at that time. Alan is an architect who studied with Bhanté at Claymont. Initially, Bhanté was semi-conscious. The initial focus was to keep...
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Bhanté traveling over Memorial Day weekend to LA via BWI

Students of Bhanté, either from Claymont or from the College for Continuous Education in the UK, requested him over Memorial Day weekend to perform a ceremony. He asked me to book his ticket. The best fare I could find was on American Airlines departing and returning to BWI, Thurgood Marshall Airport in Baltimore. When we arrived at...
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Buddhist Ceremony between Russ and Rebecca by Bhanté

After Rebecca’s father Robert and Maria Carmen Calvo established their relationship, I proposed that Rebecca and I affirm our relationship by receiving blessings from those whom we held dear at the traditional time for those spiritual ceremonies. We were fortunate that each of the individuals whose blessing we sought were available at the traditional time...
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