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[span4][banner img=”wp-content/themes/theme44814/images/home1.jpg” banner_link=”https://healthstudiescollegium.org/hsc-contributors/” title=”Our People” text=”HSC is home to a group of leading health professionals who conduct innovative and timely research within a collaborative innovation network. Collegium members additionally participate in commentary, programs and studies that advance proactive prevention in healthcare practice and policy. HSC Founding Senior Fellows include Russell M. Jaffe, MD, Ph.D. who is recognized for his contributions in Medicine, Biochemistry, and Clinical Immunology. Please visit the contributors page in order to learn more about the HSC Fellows.” btn_text=”click here” target=”_self” custom_class=”home-banner”] [/span4] [span4][banner img=”wp-content/themes/theme44814/images/home2.jpg” banner_link=”https://healthstudiescollegium.org/about-us/” title=”Our History” text=”Health Studies Collegium is in its third decade of speeding the transition to healthful caring in policy, practice, and research. Holding a collaborative vision, Health Studies Collegium’s like-minded members shared a commitment to scientific tolerance, intellectual diversity and open access to knowledge. For more than 20 years, Health Studies Collegium has focused on researching the mechanisms of health, and conducting community-based, randomized controlled trials to test the clinical and cost-effectiveness of health promotion models.         ” btn_text=”click here” target=”_self” custom_class=”home-banner”] [/span4] [span4][banner img=”wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Test-maybe.png” banner_link=”https://healthstudiescollegium.org/submit-an-application/” title=”Our Mission” text=”

Health Studies Collegium has a unified mission:

To serve as a forum where Scientists, Health Care Practitioners, Policy Leaders and those interested in cost- and outcome-effective Health Care can share their visions and find a platform for their studies, commentary or projects.

If you want to join HSC, submit an application below:

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