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LeapFrog Collegium Executive Summary

LeapFrog Collegium brings together diverse people into virtual working groups focused on innovative solutions. Unexpected scalable solutions emerge out of the ‘think and do’ innovations in analysis and interpretations by virtual working groups at the intersection of climate, civil society, sustainability, values, ethics, healthcare, and net beneficial profitability.

Collegium brings together people for specific purposes without intellectual and physical constraints associated with physical institutions.

Civil society’s survival increasingly depends upon identification and implementation of virtuous rather than vicious cycles. This means

More we; less me.

More gratitude; less fear.

More rigorous science and wisdom spirituality; less artificial conflict between science and spirituality

More value-added; less perverse capitalism.

More upstream attention to causes and health promotion; less preoccupation with symptomatic consequences and toxic residues left behind for society to clean up.

More life cycle costs and benefits; less fragmented profits leaving behind toxic consequences.

More nature, nurture and wholeness; less processing and fragmentation of soil and fragmented food.

More quality of life and healthier habits; less chronic illness and costly afflictions.

More renewal of environment and its inhabitants; less illusion than reductionist, mechanistic thinking can ever advocate for sustainability.

More helpful eustress; less afflictive distress.

More communion; less speaking without listening.

More 21st Century insights; less 20th century assumptions.

More physical, emotional and spiritual balance; less expectation and illusion.

More dialogue; less hierarchy.

More balanced Matriarchy and Patriarchy; less illusion and distraction.

Multidimensional intersections provide this Collegium with tools including an elegant frugality of applied technology enabling multidimensional global sustainable solutions that include biomimetic no-waste solutions and entwined economic opportunity.

A fierce urgency exists now because most trending tipping points, or points of inflection, point to aggregations of vicious cycles driven by growing fear, greed, propaganda, and cumulative excess stress.

Health Studies Collegium (HSC) hosts LeapFrog Collegium. HSC is a 30-year young US 501(c)(3) organization focused on documenting and advocating for health promotion funded through chronic illnesses avoided. Community incentives for healthier life-style choices about what people eat, drink, think and do can improve health and reduce suffering. For example, investment of just five percent of any day in selfcare brings palpable benefits in better restorative sleep, mood stability, renewal, repair, and overall productivity. Yes, 72 minutes daily can enhance health while reducing many risks.

Physiology before pharmacology

Personalized medicine is better advanced through 21st Century best outcome goal values as basis for interpretations of lab tests, rather than statistical lab ranges that often do not apply to individuals.

LeapFrog Collegium cooperates with like-minded organizations and individuals that self-assemble around specific missions and move on as momentum builds toward newly faceted and showcased solutions. Collaborations include with Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), Ethical Markets Media, Mobi Systems, PERQUE® Integrative Health, among others.

LeapFrog exists to bring forward cooperative and collaborative globally sourced, locally appropriate solutions to urgent planetary sustainability issues. This includes deconstructing issues into components, identifying meta level intersections of leverageable tipping points to reverse current trends without geographic or geopolitical restraints.

ReThinking is required of the fundamental drivers of current vicious cycles that are coming together into mega-vicious devolution. Most people are marinating in a sea of hormone disrupting, anti-nutrient, pro-oxidative forever molecules. Estimates are that most toxins – perhaps 80% – can be avoided by choosing healthier daily habits. Increasing protective essential nutrients, often antioxidants or cofactors, are needed to detoxify from toxins that have mostly been introduced in just the last generation.

Convenience and dietary processing beget’s loss of helpful and increase in unhelpful components in foods and in agricultural practices. For example, food products today have too much sodium and calcium and too little potassium and magnesium. This results in excess acids in cells known as metabolic acidosis, an underlying cause of much afflictive suffering and chronic ill health. From monocropping to processed packaged goods, better is removed, and lesser is enhanced.

LeapFrog’s community moves fluidly to rigorously examine scalable solutions without boundaries and prior assumptions. In contrast, most experts focus on particulars and most policy leaders focus on big picture visions without regard to implicit assumptions, logistics of consensus building and effective message clarification.

Unique business and societal opportunities emerge from such comprehensive, rigorous synthesis of fully renewable resources meeting unmet needs and offering implementable solutions.

LeapFrog Collegium is needed urgently now to catalyze, cooperate, and synergize fresh ReThinking particularly in regard to

civil society’s sustainability using permaculture biodynamic rehabilitation of the earth while prioritizing human health promotion at all ages and circumstances. These are the most cost-effective options that pays dividends in adding life to years and years to life.

symptom reactive conventional care is proving too costly, both financially and socially. Collegium analysis concludes that one million deaths annually in the United States are due to correctable life-style habits at a financial cost exceeding a trillion dollars each year. This means is it possible to fund the transition to better health and environment through afflictions avoided.

synthesizing classic wisdom and modern scientific insights. The synthetic approach rests firmly on the intellectual shoulders of Hippocrates, Maimonides, Avacenna, Lao Tse, and Vivekenanda as well as more recent exemplars Sir William Osler, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Richard Feynman, Rene Dubos, Albert Szent-Gyorgi and Rudolf Steiner.

bringing focus to a comprehensive vision together entwining sustainable ecology and natural product-based safer medication candidates.

ready, uniquely enabled, and experienced at successful implementation of such transformative initiatives by combining nature, nurture, wholeness, and   proprietary innovations. It is timely to bring together a renaissance of natural sciences, environmental stewardship, sustainable agroecology and personalized evidence-based health promotion.

New Generation drug approvals can fuel evidence based sustainable healthcare and environmental renewal

Current drug approvals are based on high tech, high touch validated real world results that can fuel and be combined with planet-saving carbon capture agricultural renewal that reduces poverty and food insecurity while also providing a countercyclical revenue streams.

Plant-based, fiber and nutrient dense foods can be included in study protocols that document the effects of what people eat, drink, think and do on health outcomes. This supports the synergies for agroecology, permaculture biodynamics and safer medications based on natural products that promote health and reduce risks, upstream from disease treatment.

Big picture: LeapFrog continues to rediscover and document the intimate connections between soil, air, water and food quality and digestive health. This physiology determines fundamental responses that control neurohormonal resilience to stress as well as immune defense and repair necessary elective capacities to reduce infections and chronic afflictions.

Heart disease and diabetes illustrate this approach. RMJH-111B is ready now for final, pivotal clinical trial(s) and widespread application initially in high bloods pressure (hypertension) as a new category in cardiovascular health. In addition, there is a pipeline and a platform of new drugs based on the globally patented core technology. RMJH-111B is an example of a novel approach to cardiovascular diseases medication platform as well as a medication pipeline starting with diabetes and related metabolic disorders.

RMJH-111B’s successful safety, tolerability and efficacy study whose results have been accepted by the Cardio-Renal Division of the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) with guidance on the path to current drug approval requirements. Some of the successful trial results were presented at the 2021 American Heart Association Hypertension conference.

Meaningful reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure qualified for a cardiovascular / hypertension final clinical trial after which post market surveillance supplemental and abbreviated new drug applications (NDAs) can be filed. This strategy extends initial drug approval innovative value. A successful pilot study has been reviewed by the FDA that informs the needed final, pivotal trial design and execution. Initial drug approval is likely within just a year or so of commencing Phase 3 IRB approved clinical trials that includes a complete roadmap conforming to current FDA guidance and approval requirements.

Another risk reduction that results in better clinical outcomes, specifically a more than 0.3 mg% HgbA1c reduction qualifies for a diabetes drug claim approval… one of the ‘holy grails’ of today’s biopharma industry. Pilot studies using LeapFrog’s approach achieved more than three times that HgbA1c reduction, more than 1 mg% in just six months, in separate Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes community-based studies.

Host hospitality to infection: Adequate essential nutrients are a third example. A small suite, too often in deficit, that dramatically reduces and may eliminate risks of severe viral infections among others. This includes B complex, vitamins C and D, enhanced uptake magnesium and zinc along with cofactors.

Indeed, the heart, lung, and blood vessel pathology observed can be explained as excess oxidative stress depleting antioxidants along with concurrent cell energy depletion due to excess cell acids in magnesium deficient people. Enhanced uptake magnesium with choline citrate corrects metabolic acidosis. Natures fully buffered, fully reduced ascorbate is the maternal antioxidant that regenerates and protects other antioxidants. Need for ascorbate continues to increase in proportion to individual pro-oxidative stress and total allostatic and homeostatic toxin load.

Too many millions of people are now functioning in survival mode and at risks including co-morbidities that are afflictive rather than choosing healthier habits to achieve elective protective health that mitigates the same risks.

Planetary sustainability: Halophytes as permaculture carbon capture solutions

Halophytes, permaculture kitchen gardens and mobility as entwined solutions.

Halophytes are a soil-based solution providing quality nutrition while capturing carbon dioxide in abundance and renewing the environment. Examples includes quinoa, amaranth, sea asparagus and buckwheat that reduce hunger in vulnerable areas while rebuilding soil, binding carbon dioxide, and reducing food insecurity and poverty. These prolific food sources are prodigious carbon capture plants able to withstand brackish water, feeding the hungry while rehabilitating the environment.

Agricultural renewal naturally combines within future drug indication approvals that can profitably fuel a global renaissance in sustainable agriculture / permaculture conjointly with individual health promotion / risk reduction.

Home based permaculture herb gardens, fruit trees and fresh vegetables are healthier and those who garden are happier, healthier, and less afflicted than those who do not.

Wholeness in the kitchen rewards at many levels. Fast, store bought and most restaurant food is enriched in additives, preservatives, farmed, processed yet contain other digestion impairing processes. It may look like food yet be neither nutritious, whole nor healthy. The processed food crave factor is used to increase consumption of salt, fat and sugar while too often depleting the needed essential nutrients found in whole foods, organic or biodynamic herbs and spices.

Mobility is critical to being well. Walking, ambling, stretching and exercise bring added quality to life while reducing chronic disease risks.

Collateral benefits include reducing poverty, forced migration and conflict while speeding a transition to more cost-effective upstream health promotion rather than current reliance mostly on downstream disease treatment.

Sustainable triad: Personalized care, soil regeneration and sustainable planet

With fierce urgency, now is the time for cost and outcome effective, evidence based personalized, proactive, predictive, primary prevention practice protocols married to sustainable environmental actions.

Ethical marketing combined with strategic, tactical, and logistical coherence can speed a path to ever greater success enabled through LeapFrog Collegium’s global knowledge network and abilities to bring into focus sustainable realities with a core success philosophy that does both good and well, is virtuous and scalable.

Indeed, if not now, when?

LeapFrog Collegium knowledge network includes strengths in strategy, tactics, logistics, regulation, real-world evidence, data interpretation and in building constituencies to implement solutions

Danny Angerbauer (Integrative clinical physician)

Hal Blatman (Integrative physician)

Susan Brown (Medical anthropologist)

Keiran Dinnie (Chiropractic movement educator)

Jay Lawrence Friedheim (Maritime lawyer and community activist)

Chris Fussner (Entrepreneur)

Andrew Gaines (Feldenkrais practitioner and human communication)

James Gaeta (Community structure functional specialist)

Anna Sylvan Jaffe (Mobi Systems, AI for mobility)

Russell Jaffe (Applied research in evoking human healing responses)

Hazel Henderson (Global futurist/author)

Brian and Kathy McGuckin (Family care)

Erik Peper (Professor, Institute for Holistic Health Studies, SFSU)

Benjamin Kaplan-Singer (Physician and clinical researcher)

Amory and Judy Lovins (Sustainable energy systems)

Ron Picardi (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Sam Ramsey (Quantitative finance)

Franz-Josef and Sabine Seidensticker (Applied informatics)

Harry Saras (Integrative Ophthalmologist)

Norman Schwartz (Integrative physician)

Roger Tolle (Trager technique tutor)

Tom Trezise (Leadership)

Norbert and Gabriela Wagner (Civil society)

Anna Waldman-Brown (Building global sustainability)

Michael Bodhi Tims (Faculty, MUIS)

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