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Russell M. Jaffe, MD, Ph.D., an Internationally recognized leader in Rethinking Medicine, Biochemistry and Clinical Immunology from a functional, integrative perspective, was one of the founding fathers of Health Studies Collegium (HSC), a 501(c)3 Foundation chartered in 1990. Jaffe along with a group of like minded colleagues formed HSC in order to conduct and sponsor clinical outcomes research or other fundamental studies of determinants of health. The foundation also facilitates educational commentary, programs and studies that support and advance healthcare practice and policy.

As a collegium, HSC fellows pursue shared goals across geographic boundaries while working within a framework of mutual trust. Another way to describe the work of the Collegium lies within the definition of a Collaborative Innovation Network or CoIN. Peter Gloor, Research Scientist at MIT Sloan’s Center for Collective Intelligence, defines a collaborative network as, “a cyberteam of self motivated people with a collective vision, enabled by the web to collaborate in achieving a common goal by sharing ideas, information, and work.”

Collegium members share five essential elements fundamental to collaborative innovation networks. These are: 1) Evolve from learning networks, 2) Feature sound ethical principles, 3) Based on trust and self organization, 4) Make knowledge accessible to everyone, and 5) Operate in internal honesty and transparency. Professor Gloor refers to these as the “Genetic Code” of the network and it very much goes to the heart of how the Collegium functions.

Health Studies Collegium does not attempt to influence legislation. HSC puts forth a variety of concepts through scientific commentary, evidence-based research and qualitative and quantitative data analysis that could be helpful to those that do. In addition to scientific studies led by Senior Fellows, HSC is a forum that seeks commentary on a variety of timely health care issues. HSC hosts projects that are aligned with its mission and can be advanced by association with its members.

Whether a Fellow, a Contributing Commentator to the Forum, or someone with a project that needs support, HSC is open to collaboration. HSC features on its website select writings from worthy contributors whose work has been reviewed by our editorial board.

We welcome writers interested in health care to contact us about posting their findings on the HSC website for comment and open discussion.