Geoffrey S. Carroll, Ph.D.Geoffrey Scott Carroll

Geoffrey Scott Carroll is a senior executive with a track-record of guiding Fortune 200 companies to highly successful results. Presently the Founder and Chairman of a highly successful non-profit foundation, From Scotland with Love LLC, Dr. Carroll’s background includes roles as President & CEO, and Member of Board of Directors with Internet Commerce Corporation. Prior to that, he served as President, CEO, and Board Member of LCC International, (NASDAQ: LCCI) where under his guidance, the per share stock price rose more than three times its original value, and he more than tripled the market capitalization. At Origin B.V., Dr. Carroll served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Management, and at EDS – Electronic Data Systems, he held, among other positions, President of Northern Europe and Member of the Board, where he led the firm’s business expansion from $55 million per year in 1991 to +$310 million in 1994. Additionally, Dr. Carroll has held executive leadership roles with Wang Laboratories, Inc, Nextech, AG, and Honeywell High-Tech Trading Company, a part of Honeywell Europe S.A.

Dr. Carroll received his Ph.D. in International Business Economics from the University of London, London, England. He earned his M.A. in International Economics from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, in Washington, D.C., and was awarded his B.A. Cum Laude in Economics and Business Administration from Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio.

Michael P. Hamnett, Ph.D.Michael P. Hamnett, Ph.D., Research, Training and Contract Administration

Dr. Hamnett is the Executive Director of the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii (RCUH), whose mission is to support the research and training programs of the University of Hawaii and to enhance research, development, and training generally in Hawaii. Dr. Hamnett’s professional interests include research management, disaster mitigation and preparedness, climate variability and change, participatory planning, ocean and coastal resources management, policy research management, governance and public administration in small islands states, program evaluation, sustainable economic development, fisheries development and management, environmental resource management, developing island countries and territories. Dr. Hamnett also currently serves as the Principal Investigator for the Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative Research Program. This joint venture, between the University of Hawaii and the State Department of Land and Natural Resources is designed to develop, manage and monitor a collaborative coral reef research program. Dr. Hamnett also serves as the Chair and Program Director of the Statewide Hazard Mitigation Forum which distributes information to the public and conducts an education campaign. This program is funded by FEMA and NOAA/OCRM through State Civil Defense and thee Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Program. The program educates the public about the risks of natural disaster in Hawaii and what can be done to reduce the risk. Dr. Hamnett has an M.A. and Ph.D. in Socio-Cultural Anthropology with an ethnographic focus in Oceania. He has completed additional research in Geography and Linguistics.



Susan J. Radcliffe, RD, CCNSusan J. Radcliffe, RD, CCN, Nutrition and the Alkaline Way

Susan J. Radcliffe, RD, CCN is a practicing clinical nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Foods and Nutrition. She is one of the first five nutrition professionals in the country to have dual certifications as both an RD (Registered Dietitian) and a CCN (Certified Clinical Nutritionist), with memberships in both the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists and the Academy of Environmental Medicine, and past membership with the ADA (American Dietetic Association). Susan has been in private practice for 17 years. During this period she has studied the many facets of alternative and conventional nutrition. Her work has led her to the further study of supportive treatment modalities and unique testing options that complement both these approaches. She is also certified in Dark Field Microscopy & Iridology. Susan has multi faceted experiences in the field of nutrition, working both in physicians’ offices and in the field providing education. She has edited books for noted authors such as Robert Atkins, Buck Levin and Robert Crayhon. As part of an innovative laboratory sciences company known for their unique work and one of a kind approach to testing for delayed food and chemical hypersensitivities, she held positions including Registered Dietitian, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Clinical Nutrition Specialist, & Director of Education and Field Operations. During this time, Susan was instrumental in the education of physicians and staff in the use of the test and helped offices develop and institute nutritional protocols to support the results of this testing. She contributed to publication of the book, The Joy of Food: The Alkaline Way. The power of the biochemical impact of food on body chemistry to enhance wellness continues to be the cornerstone of her success in private practice. Beyond nutrition, Susan’s interest in health, balance and wellness includes serving the elderly, and those with both physical and mental challenges. Susan works with PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International) as a Certified Advanced Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Mentor and Lead Evaluator to certify new instructors. As Assistant Director for the TRAC therapeutic riding program at Centenary College, she is also able to apply her clinical skills to the equine and canine worlds. With preventive health a prime directive, Susan is uniquely positioned to further HSC’s intiatives in this area.



Howard J. Spero, Ph.D.Howard J. Spero, Ph.D., Science, Sustainability and the Impact of Climate Change on Health

Dr. Spero, a Professor at the University of California – Davis, and current Chair of the Department of Geology, has also served at the National Science Foundation, Marine Geology & Geophysics, Division of Ocean Sciences in Washington, D.C. Dr. Spero specializes in paleoclimatology which is the study of past climates throughout geologic and historic time (paleoclimates), and the causes of their variations. His research focuses on the biological and environmental parameters that affect the stable isotope and trace metal geochemistry of the shells of recent and fossil organisms; paleoclimatology, marine micropaleontology, and paleoceanography. An ongoing multi-year field research program involving undergraduate and graduate students has been studying living planktonic foraminifera in the Southern California Borderland and the Caribbean. The results of this study are being used to interpret fossil foraminifera stable isotope data from Indian and Atlantic Ocean deep sea cores in order to reconstruct paleoenvironmental sea surface temperatures, nutrient levels and CO2 concentrations during the Pleistocene. Dr. Spero received his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1986. He received his M.Sc. in Oceanography from Texas A & M University in 1979, his B.A. in Biology-Geology, Magna cum Laude, from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1975.



David StanleyDavid Stanley, Technology Innovation

David Stanley brings to bear 30+ years of technology industry leadership experience within Fortune 500 organizations. His roles have included Director, Principal Architect and Technical Project Manager for major organizations and multinational initiatives. Presently fulfilling a Senior Vice-President role, he focuses on serving IT needs of Fortune 100 clients. In past roles, Mr. Stanley has led and implemented data architecture for large corporate and banking organizations. He has also introduced Intranet architectures to support solutions within the banking and financial sector. Besides his vast skill in developing corporate IT standards, Mr. Stanley has experience in ISO certification process management. A highly developed communicator, manager, partner and customer liaison, Mr. Stanley’s leadership abilities coupled with strong organizational and management disciplines, enables the realization of the collaborative and innovative organizational vision. Mr. Stanley holds a BS in Electronics from Bristol University, UK.



Anna A. Tavis, Ph.D.Anna A. Tavis, Ph.D., Global Learning and Organizational Development

Dr. Anna Tavis is currently Global Head of Talent Management at Brown Brothers Harriman. She is Editor of the Perspectives Column for People and Strategy Journal and is a Board member of the Human Resource Planning Society. She has served in global executive roles at Fortune 100 firms focusing on Talent Management, Organization Development and Learning. Her role involves a broad range of organization development strategies and implementations across financial services that includes the office of the CFO, investments, real estate and consumer finance among others. Dr. Tavis has pursued a global, multi-faceted career in the sectors of business, academia, and consulting. Prior to her current role, Dr. Tavis led learning and development at United Technologies Corporation where she was responsible for enterprise-wide global learning and development servicing over 215,000 employees in more than 70 countries. Dr. Tavis also led the organizational development function in the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions for Motorola, and later transitioned to be the Head of Talent Management for Nokia. She has worked extensively in Europe, India, Eurasia and the Middle East. She is currently an adjunct professor at NYU teaching graduate courses, and has served on the faculty at Williams College, Fairfield University, and Columbia University. In addition, she consulted on talent management, organizational development and globalization with GE, Novartis, and the Seagram companies. Dr. Tavis graduated from Herzen Pedagogical University with a degree in linguistics and education. She completed her undergraduate education at Bradford University, UK and Dartmouth College, USA. She earned her MA and Ph.D. in comparative literature from Princeton University and later received an advanced certificate in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina.



Curtis Turchin, DCCurtis Turchin, DC, Healthy Lifestyles through Chiropractic Practice

Curtis Turchin, MA, DC has a bachelor’s degree in pre-medical studies and psychology from the University of Southern California, a master’s degree in Education from San Francisco State University, and a doctor of chiropractic from Palmer College. Dr. Turchin has been using lasers for the treatment of acute and chronic pain for more than 23 years. He was Director of Clinical Sciences for Bales Scientific, the developer of the first FDA cleared light device. He has published 3 books, more than 20 journal articles, and has been extensively interviewed on radio and television. Dr. Turchin is the author of the new text, “Light and Laser Therapy: Clinical Procedures, described as the authoritative text on clinical laser treatment as well as Treating Addictions with Laser Therapy,” the only book and DVD published on this unique subject. Dr. Turchin is in private practice with a medical doctor near San Francisco using low force manual therapy techniques and laser therapy. He has taught seminars all across the United States, in Canada, England, France, Brazil, Guatemala, and Japan.