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Latest news

Doc Talk – Dr. Russell Jaffe and Dr. Susan Brown discuss Vitamin D and Bone Health

Dr. Susan Brown joins Dr. Russell Jaffe to discuss the correlation between Vitamin D and [...]

Bhanté meeting HH the Dalai Lama on Capitol Hill

Among the more memorable moments was when the 14th Dalai Lama was invited to Capitol [...]

Bhanté recovers from a stroke at Alan Stein’s home in Potomac, Maryland

When Bhanté was 102, he had a middle cerebral artery stroke… a common type of [...]

Bhanté traveling over Memorial Day weekend to LA via BWI

Students of Bhanté, either from Claymont or from the College for Continuous Education in the [...]

Buddhist Ceremony between Russ and Rebecca by Bhanté

After Rebecca’s father Robert and Maria Carmen Calvo established their relationship, I proposed that Rebecca [...]

Missing Bhanté for a year and then meeting at his birthday party by serendipity

By: Dr. Russell Jaffe Interest in non-invasive measurements and non-invasive therapies led to a general [...]

Sam dech Preah Bhanté Vira Bellong Dharmawara Mahathera, an homage

By: Dr. Russell Jaffe Bhante was my principle life mentor and spiritual guide to many. [...]

Bhante’s Kidnap in India 1996

First, the main participants in this episode: Bhanté (Sam Dech Preah Bhanté Vira Bellong Dharmawara [...]

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