Beverly Nelson

Ms. Nelson is an Executive with more than 30 years of leadership experience in consulting and technology firms. In her numerous CEO roles, Ms. Nelson has been responsible for significant capital raising, and was responsible for the multi-million dollar investment that resulted in the development of a vital Internet technology.

Ms. Nelson, as the former CEO of an environmental technology company, has to her credit the founding and development of one of the largest Environmental Health and Safety databases.

Additionally, her credits include the sale and deployment of many major applications to Fortune 500 companies and government institutions. Ms. Nelson’s background in Government Relations helped her play a leading role in the establishment of a Department of Defense initiative that raised the bar for Federal facilities environmental compliance reporting. She is well versed in International contract and trade management, global technology, strategic supplier and partner relationship management, and strategic planning. Additionally, Ms. Nelson held the position of CEO of an International conglomerate where she successfully diversified the company and expanded it into the Pacific Basin, Eastern Europe, South America and Canada.

Ms. Nelson attended Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts and Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, majoring in Clinical/Research Psychology.

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