Peter Stranger, Strategic Business Communication

Peter Stranger is a leader in strategic business communications with a special emphasis in serving clients in ethical, sustainable, environmental, progressive and not-for-profit business. Mr. Stranger’s background includes executive experience in major communications firms with positions such as CEO, President, and Managing Partner. With over 30 years of leadership experience, he is currently Managing Partner of Kopald/Stranger, offering Growth Strategies, Communications and Ethical Progress. Mr. Stranger has consulted for The Rocky Mountain Institute, the WILD Foundation, the Forum for Education and Democracy, The Esalen Institute, and the Californians Health Alliance. His work within advertising, marketing and communications includes such clients as Singapore Airlines, TransAmerica, Taco Bell, and 20th Century Fox.

Mr. Stranger is a Trustee of the WILD Foundation, a member of the Ocean Council, the advisory Board of Oceana, and an Affiliate of the League of Conservation Photographers. Mr. Stranger’s accomplishments include producing a documentary film on the scientists involved in the Mars “Rover” landings at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory; producing films for both the 8th and 9th World Wilderness Congresses; leading a photographic safari to Botswana; and developing a concert series benefiting humanitarian awareness programs. For 12 years Mr. Stranger was a Trustee of Pitzer College in Claremont, California, and for 10 years he served as a Director of the Los Angeles Opera, where he was Chairman of the Marketing Committee. He is a founding Director of CityLife Downtown Charter School and of The Oaks School, both in Los Angeles.

Mr. Stranger is a graduate of Ealing College in London, England.

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