Anna Jaffe

Anna Jaffe is a young scientist whose vision includes that of creating a green sustainable future and has charted a career path of collaboration and innovation in groundbreaking research and technology. As a Civil and Environmental Engineering student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Jaffe’s research focused on strategies to build internationally distributed teams capable of achieving systems oriented breakthrough solutions in a range of disciplines from agriculture to transportation. Most recently she has worked on an automated solution to delayed allergy testing. It is in this capacity that she joins the Health Studies Collegium as a fellow and researcher.

In addition to a remarkable academic career, Jaffe has been an invited presenter and panelist to events and organizations including Electronics New England, SolidWorks World, and MIT Sloan Fellows among others. Jaffe also contributed to the collaborative Oil Solution Initiative Visioning Summit, a study co-sponsored by the Brookings Institution and the Rocky Mountain Institute and has appeared in a number of documentaries and as a guest on NPR’s Science Friday.

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