Edward Morris

Edward Morris is a well-respected expert in Health Policy. He has inspired clinicians, researchers, legislators and policy makers to institutionalize the principles of proactive prevention and health promotion. Morris began his career in the field of public education in New York State, 1962-1984, where he held the positions of School District Administrator; School Principal; and Associate Examiner, NYC Board of Examiners.

In 1985, Morris embraced the arena of national health care. He has been an activist in addressing issues of societal health and health policy. Benefiting from his passion for teaching, he has worked to convince “players” in today’s national debate that prevention is the ultimate road to quality and affordable care. Morris’ proposals have been applied in research, professional training and practice, legislation and insurance. Notable examples include: Project Administrator, Arkay Foundation, 1998-2002, developed the bi-coastal UCSF/Georgetown University clinical trials “Using Dietary Restrictions and Vitamin Supplements in the Treatment of ADHD”; Convener, “Medical Leadership In the Drug Crisis,” round tables joining distinguished academicians & government officials, 1997 State of the World Forum; Policy and Political Strategist, California Association of Naturopathic Physicians, 2002-2004, coordinated the UCSF study “Profiling the Professions” and the legislative campaign which gained licensure for Naturopaths in California.

Morris is Co-founder of the rehab center “Recovery Without Walls,” 2003-present; distinct for combining psychology and pharmacology with clinically targeted nutrition and micro-nutrient supplementation. Morris currently delivers seminars which examine the science and wisdom that lend evidence to biologically competent lifestyle choices. “Transitions for Life; Nutrition, Attitudes and Behaviors” is presented to health professionals at Virginia Mason Medical Center, University of Washington, Bastyr University, and Seattle Healing Arts Center. The curriculum explores the interactive factors that evoke the mechanisms of mind/body health

Edward Morris received his BS and MA degrees from New York University where he added three years of doctoral study concurrent with his service as Adjunct Instructor in the Department of Educational Administration.

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