Janice Lipsen

Janice Lipsen serves as Chair of HSC’s Health Policy Forum. She is also President of Counselors for Management, Inc., a firm specializing in government and industrial relations. She has been Assistant to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Director of Washington offices for the Governors of Hawaii and American Samoa. In 1976, following service as legislative Assistant to the Honorable Carl Albert, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mrs. Lipsen began her tenure with CFM. In 1976, Hawaii became a client of CFM and she was appointed Director of the Washington Office of the Governor. In 1985, she was recognized as an expert in helping Pacific territories and industries achieve their goals in relationship to the Federal Government and represented the Pacific Basin Development Council, an organization of the Governors of American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Marianna Islands and the State of Hawaii.

Mrs. Lipsen continues to represent the Government of American Samoa and in that capacity works with the Governors of the 50 states and four territories, their staffs and state department executives on federal issues. In addition to a Pacific clientele, CFM’s clients include associations and organizations in technology and health care. With Impro Co., a producer of animal biologic vaccines, Mrs. Lipsen worked with the Departments of Agriculture, and Commerce and the Congress and succeeded in the passage of the first patent extension. Other clientele have included Bastyr University, the National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance, Serramune Physicians Laboratory and ObjectiVision, an Australian medical device company.

Mrs. Lipsen has served as a member of the American Cancer Society’s Special Corps of Cancer Control Advocates and the Board of Directors of the Oriental Medicine Political Action Committee. Her professional capabilities have been recognized by appointments to federal international trade advisory committees, membership in the Tax Coalition and the Trade Policy Forum and service on Committees of the National Governors Association. She has a proven record of working effectively with the U. S. Congress, and the agencies and departments of the Executive branch.

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